Two of the best PTCs

  • Welcome to Paid to Click

    Paid to Click is a simple idea, you get paid to click on links and view websites or advertisements for a designated time period, and are then are credited anything up to a few cents. The longer the ad or website is viewed the higher the amount credited. When your Paid to Click account balance reaches the minimum payout level it is paid into your PayPal account.

    Recommended Paid to Click Websites

    The Paid to Click websites listed below are particularly recommended. ClixSense is good for Paid to Click beginners and NeoBux is good for those who really want to crank up their Paid to Click earnings by building up Referrals.


    ClixSense, established since February 2007 with over 3,500,000 members. Offers members the opportunity to earn by clicking on advertisements, carrying out tasks and completing offers.

    ClixSense key features:
    • Payout when balance reaches $8, payments made on Mondays
    • Free to join, upgrade to Premium membership for $17 a year
    • Wide range of tasks and offers in addition to clicking on advertisements
    • Pays up to $0.02 per advertisement click


    NeoBux has been online since 2008 and has over 22,000,000 members. The cornerstone of NeoBux is its referral system and it is possible to build up a sizeable income with persistence.

    NeoBux key features:
    • First payout at $2, rises by $1 per payment until the standard $10 payout level is reached
    • Free to join, upgrade to Golden membership for $90 a year
    • Renting referrals is the key to making big money on NeoBux
    • Pays up to $0.015 per advertisement click for Standard members