I want to invite some of my friends / contacts to join me on this site. How can I invite them here?

You can invite your friends and contacts on this site using your multiple other social network accounts, email accounts and many other services. Invited friends will receive an email or a message from you with a suitable link to join this site and connect with you here. You can send invites using the following steps:
1. Go to your Home Page.
2. Click on the “Find Friends” link in the left side.
3. On this page, in the “Add Your Contacts as Friends Here” section, you will be able to invite your contacts from various web accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live, etc) and other services (Mac & Outlook Address Books, etc.). Choose the desired service to send your invites.
4. If some of the invited contacts will already be members of this site, they will receive friend requests from you, otherwise, they will receive a link to become member of this site. After they join this site, they will automatically receive a friend request from you and will be able to connect with you here.