Linda Goodman Purple Energy Healing and REVIVING Plates

  • Pay for 2 and take 3 with FREE SHIPPING.

    They HEAL almost everything from common cold to Cancer.
    Relieves Migraine, Spondilites, Sciatica, back pain, fibromyalgia, stress and depression, etc, within 20 minutes and guards against the deadly electro-magnetic-radiation.
    Simply place the plate on the painful part for about 20 minutes and let Life Force Energy do the job naturally.

    Purple Positive Energy Plates and Disks can be placed in and around your home; children’s school bags, office and workplace to keep you and your family protected from all forms of harmful energy.


     Use it to Energise your Liquids and Foods.A two minute exposure will Energise your foods and cleanse it of any germs.
    Just by carrying Purple Energy Plate in your pocket will increase the personal energy level, ease the pain n protect you against electro magnetic radiation in the environment n from emr producing equipments.


    Credit Card -------------------------------$12.00.
    Small purple Plate----------------------$15.00[2, 75x4.5 inches].
    Post Card Size --------------------------$25.00 [4x6 inches
    Large Purple Plat ----------------------$59.00 [ 12x12 inches]
    SUPER Tesla Reviving Plate--------$900.00 [15 x 45 inches]

    Holy Disc [Cross]------------------------$8.00 [ 2 inches diameter]
    Pets Disc----------------------------------$8.00 [1 inch diameter
    Cell Guard------------------------------- $8.00 [ 1 inch diameter]
    EMF Guard-------------------------------$25.00 [3 inches diameter]

    Cushion n Pillows

    EMR Cushion ---------------------------$42.00 [ 10x 10 inches]
    Sleeping/Enerzising Pillow----------$81.00 [ 18 x 9 inches]