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New Gloud games APK for Android and IOS

  • I'm coming to the point straight away.

    If you ever wanted to play PC games on your mobile phone without spending so much money, so here is a good new for you. Now, Gloud games allow you to play new PC, PS, Xbox games absolutely free on your mobile devices.

    What is Gloud gaming?  

    Are you not aware of what Gloud games are? well, these games are very simple to understand. Goud Games are like interface you can interact with.

    What are the requirements for Gloud games?

    • An android or IOS device.

    • Internet connection with decent speed.

    • Latest android version.

    • Good enough processor.

    What things can be done with Gloud games?

    You can play these games anywhere you want,as you just need to carry your PC and console game with yourself.

    There are several types of games you can play,some games are free,but for some games you will have to pay.

    You can play games for limited period of time,because Gloud games offer two weeks trial period.