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How to Stop Blisters? - Blister Formula – Zone Naturals

  • Blisters are small, fluid-filled bubbles that can form on the outer layers of your skin. Follow few simple blister prevention steps to stop blisters

    Finding The Right Fit:- The first and the most important step is to make sure that your footwear fits properly.

    Choosing the Right Socks:- Avoid cotton socks as these tend to hold moisture next to your skin and causes blisters. Instead, choose a moisture wicking pair of polyester or wool socks.

    Take a Spare Pair:- Wool and synthetic socks do a great job at moving sweat away from your feet, but you can always take a spare pair of socks with you and swap them if your feet get wet.

    Finally, a blister prevention solution that’s strong enough to stand up to work boots, heels and sandals alike. The best part? It’s formulated with all-natural, nourishing ingredients.