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Law Offices of Andrew F. McKenna, P.C.

  • Facing extreme difficulties managing your debts and want to file for bankruptcy? Looking for an attorney that you can trust for handling your case? Then you should approach the law office of Andrew F. McKenna. Being an expert and highly successful consumer bankruptcy attorney, he has the knowledge and experience to handle any bankruptcy case in an effective manner. Additionally, he can also analyze the financial conditions of a debtor from all possible dimensions to determine if bankruptcy is the last resort or if there are other viable options. Additionally, he is compassionate and gives emotional support to the clients throughout the process of bankruptcy.

    Along with Mr. F. McKenna is his team of legal professionals who thrives to put extra efforts to drive the case in the client’s favor. By hiring Andrew F. McKenna and his team for your bankruptcy case you will be able to:

    • Get honest and respectful advice

    • Prevent foreclosures and wage garnishments

    • Put a stop to the creditor harassment

    • Eliminate some or all of your outstanding debt

    • Discharge medical bills