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The Thickness of the Stellite Alloy Affects the Choice


    The thickness of the Stellite Alloy band saw blade affects the user's choice, the standard of the thickness of the saw blade, and the relative concept is used here. The thickness of the saw blade commonly used on the same saw wheel diameter sawing machine is used as the thick dividing line of the saw blade. Most saw blades thinner than the common sawing thickness are called thin saw blades.

    The thinning of the stellite alloy saw blade and the low consumption of wood in the saw blade are of great significance to the timber industry, which is facing increasingly tight timber resources. However, from the analysis of the influence of the cutting load on the saw blade, we already know that the saw blade is thin, and the bending strength of the saw tooth in the feeding direction is small. At this time, in order to ensure the quality of the sawing, the feeding speed is slowed down. Therefore, thin saw blades should not be used for the production of materials with high productivity requirements. If the requirements for productivity are not very high, the saw blade can be applied under certain conditions of productivity as long as appropriate measures are taken for the saw blade and the saw.

    In addition to saving wood, the thin Stellite Alloy Rod has the advantages of good sawing quality, small bending stress on the saw body, and light sawing. The shortcomings of the thin saw blade are: low feeding speed, not durable sawing, sawing Appropriateness is easy to disappear, the rate of saw blade is high, and when sawing nails and other debris, the stellite alloy saw blade is easily damaged.

    The thin Stellite Alloy 12 saw blade can increase the feed rate by selecting the sawing teeth with good machinability and adjusting the appropriateness of the saw body. Generally, the saw teeth with light sawing, pushing material and labor saving, and good cutting performance should have large front and rear angles, and the pitch, tooth height and tooth chamber area should also be large. But doing so makes the already weaker sawtooth weaker. Therefore, the sawtooth parameter values of the wave saw blade should be carefully designed according to the sawing conditions of different saws.