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    Check Out the Kenmore Website for InfoThe part number may be on the part itself, but for many parts like door gaskets and small plastic pieces you are going to have to go to the Kenmore company website. Also, you are going to need the model number off your Kenmore refrigerator.


    Find the Exact Model NumberIf you can't find the model number of your fridge then go back and look again, because it is there somewhere on the unit. Local appliance outlets don't want you to fix your fridge, they want you to buy a new one from them, so good luck finding any help on your search for parts there.

    It is there that they will have a schematics of your model that you can find the part and hence, the part number on. Thats right! Even used parts if you are into saving money at the Pin and Retainer same time. This means that you no longer have to put up with any cracked plastic parts on the inside of your fridge and can get the thing humming like a bee hive all at discount prices.

    They only work by part numbers, because there are literally untold thousands of part that they handle each and every day. However; maybe some kid has peeled it off or it has been painted over.How many times have you had to pass up the deal of a lifetime on a used Kenmore refrigerator because you simply didn't have the stomach for hassling with any problems that it might have had.Get Your NumbersBefore your run to your computer and start trying to describe what the part that you need looks like in an email to one of these sources, you have to remember something.