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  • Pssst... 

    I want to drop $810,000 into your lap. 

    But hey, it's gonna cost ya... 

    It's not going to be cheap neitha.. 

    I'm turning Lil' Buds - Into Big Dogs - Fast! 

    And, it's gonna cost ya A WHOLE DOLLA! 

    That's not all see,.. I am afraid I'm gonna have to make it even harder for you. 

    If you can't find me 3 more peeps with a dolla, who what this same deal - we can't do business. 

    I mean, we're talking $810 Grand here. Those are my terms. 

    $1 for $810,000 and you bring me 3 or more peeps who want the same deal. 

    So, I am taking it - "we're in agreement here"?? 

    Here's what to do to get this deal: 

    No foolin' around neitha.. If you want this deal, act now. 

    Seriously, I don't how much longa I can hold out. 

    Do It Now.. 

    Lorenz Lantschner