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TWNKL Soccer Game

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    TWNKL Soccer is a fun way to enjoy the world soccer championships and have the chance to win up to 100 million TWNKL! All you need to do is log in before the daily games and make your prediction as to who will win in each match. The more answers you have correct, the more you can win. Promote TWNKL Soccer as a great way to invite other soccer and prizedraw enthusiasts to join the SafeZone open network, if someone you invite or someone within your 5-generation family wins a prize in TWNKL SOCCER, so do you through commissions and bonuses!

    Passive Commission: 5%

    Active Commission: 5%

    Passive Family Bonus: 5 x 0.5%

    Active Family Bonus: 5 x 0.5%

    Personal Success Pool: 2%

    Global Success Pool: 2%