Healthy Buddha - Organic Food Store in Bangalore

  • After 12 years of corporate life in India & abroad, Gautham PB quit his well-paying job and founded Healthy Buddha in early 2014, with Anurag, in Bangalore. Gautham’s Father, Murali PB, is an organic farmer himself, and has been one of the early pioneers of the organic food movement in Tamilnadu. During his college days, Gautham used to help his father run a weekly organic farmers market. Exposure to wholesome organic food, from early on, was the spark that later on led to the creation of Healthy Buddha. Unable to find good quality organic produce for his own Family in Bangalore, Gautham realized that this would be true for others looking to lead a healthy lifestyle as well, and hence decided to bring healthy organic produce not just to his own family but to the doorstep of all those looking for genuine, wholesome organic produce.

    Healthy Buddha has now grown to become the best organic food store in Bangalore.