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8 Best PHP frameworks for 2014 You Must Be Aware Of!

Posted By Maria Mincey     May 6, 2014    


Powering 50% of the web, PHP is one of the most popular web development languages being used extensively by individuals and developers alike. If you possess good knowledge about PHP, then chances are that you must also be aware of PHP frameworks. PHP frameworks are tools that simplifies the process of web application development. Unlike earlier, PHP framework ecosystem has become more densely populated with dozens of PHP frameworks available at your disposal. And thus, choosing one perfect framework can be challenging.

In this article you’ll come to know about 8 Best PHP Frameworks for 2014. So, let’s get started!


Regardless of the type and size of your project, Laravel best suit your needs. This PHP framework provides remarkable tools that help build large-size and huge enterprise-level applications. What’s so great about this framework is its ability to take advantage of event driven behaviour, unit test support, etc. Another aspect that makes it so great is the fact that it provides tested components and reliable code of the Symfony framework.


CodeIgniter is mainly designed for individuals who requires a simple, yet agile toolkit to develop feature-rich PHP web applications. The best part about CodeIgniter is that it nullify configuration need, does not require you to stick to restrictive coding rules. What makes CodeIgniter better than other frameworks is its simplicity, allowing development of complex web applications with ease.


What makes Codeigniter score over the rest of frameworks are its excellent features such as the comprehensive modular code-base, MVC architecture, compatibility to PHP versions – PHP 4 and PHP 5 and so on.


Phalcon is the ideal choice when it comes to designing a web application based on the modern day needs. Implemented as an extension to the C programming language, Phalcon ensures lower resource consumption and augments performance. Though, its been only two years when this framework was launched, it’s documentation and community is already giving tough competition to some of the well-known frameworks out there.


Symfony is the best PHP framework when you need to create and maintain your web applications in an accelerated manner. Moreover, it makes use of the already existing PHP ‘de facto’ standards including PHPUnit and naming conventions; thus it gives developers the freedom to pick software components they wish to use in the web app.


Zend Framework
Zend Framework helps in developing modern high-performing PHP applications best suited for business owners. It comes loaded with robust features apt for carrying out enterprise-level application development. However, this framework should be used by those having in-depth knowledge of PHP.


In case you are looking for a PHP framework that requires minimal coding, then CakePHP is the best bet for you. CakePHP helps in building simple web applications in a faster manner. CakePHP is an appropriate framework that can be used by both beginners and experienced PHP developers.


Yii framework is the ultimate choice as a PHP framework used for building Web 2.0 applications. It comes loaded with exemplary features such as DAO/ActiveRecord, caching, authentication, scaffolding, unit testing and much more.


A micro PHP framework, Slim helps speed up writing simple yet powerful web applications and APIs. Slim is perfect to be used by novices and veterans as well. It boasts an easy-to-use interface and is perfect to be used for rapid application development and prototyping.


No doubt, there are several other PHP frameworks that you can use for your web application development venture. But if you want to save your valuable time to finding some of the most preferred PHP frameworks available, then I’ll recommend you to read the above discussed list of frameworks.